Oct. 7th, 2013

Hello Yuletide Author!

Thank you for writing for me. Since we were paired on an awesome, tiny fandom no one else is in, you clearly have great taste and I will love whatever you write. But if you want some guidance, here's some more about what I love:

Happy endings. There can be angst before it gets there, but the end has to be happy. Also, if there's a situation where a character needs to forgive another character, that forgiveness needs to be earned. It's a total pet peeve of mine when one character forgives another just because they need to get together by the end of the story, and not because the character actually should.

I love established relationship fic (but it still needs plot, it shouldn't be plot-less curtain fic). Seeing as most of my asks are for canon established relationships, no surprise here.

Another non-surprise, based on all my YA asks: I love coming of age stories. I love when a main character learns something about themselves. The relationships can be almost secondary to the main character's growth and development as a person.

In general, I love AUs, but since these are such small/non-existent fandoms I'd prefer something that's canon compliant and in the general tone of the canons. I consider far-future (for example- 20 years after the source material) as canon compliant, and tend to love it.

I hate saying "no" to things, because for each one of these, I can think of a fic exception, but please no death or non-con or dub-con. Also, no mpreg or babies no matter where they come from.

Fandom specific asks/comments/loves are... )



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