Four Videos )

And, because I've gotten no responses yet, is there anyone going to a Cobra show who could get me a Yo! Cobra Starship hoodie? They were sold out at NY. I can send you the money via check or paypal and I'd love you forever.
I went to Canada to hang out with [ profile] xcarex and to see Matthew Good in concert over the weekend. Here's some video:

Matthew Good Band- Weapon, Halifax, NS, 5/22/08 )

Matthew Good Band- Hello Time Bomb, Halifax, NS, 5/22/08 )

Matthew Good Band- Apparitions, Halifax, NS, 5/22/08 )


This morning when I got into work I downloaded the Empires album. It comes with 13 photos presumably taken by Tom. (They're actually numbered 1-12 and 14. There is no 13th story picture.) On the off chance there's someone who isn't downloading the free album (FREE!!), but wants to see the pictures, here they are. )
Celebration )

Viola (with bonus Ryland banter!) )

Modern World )

London Bridges )


In other news, I have Panic M&G for the CT show. And this is a very pretty picture of Tom Conrad to wake up to.

It makes me sad that they have Trace acting for the story bits instead of singing and flailing uncontrollably. Other than that it's fun.
Acoustic Performance and Signing, Looney Tunes, 12/07/07 )
I won the compulsive lj refresh contest, and was the first person to say they wanted to go as a +1 with Oxford House people to see Gym Class Heroes. It was Rolling Stone's 40th birthday and an open bar. And it was unbelievably awesome.

Unfortunately, I have to wake up and go to work tomorrow morning, so this is only the first half of the evening's pictures and videos.

Pete Wentz: DJ Extraordinaire )



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