For anyone who cares, they'll be performing on MTV tonight at midnight.
(That would be Wednesday's one redeeming feature)

And in preparation of tonight's episode, and because I have absolutely nothing to do, I'm reading all sorts of blog recaps of the last three episodes. I've read every blog entry by everyone on Everyone's all in love with Tim Gunn. And I like him on the show, but his blog is just more of the same. I <3 Daniel V.'s blog. It's not exclusively PR related, but he's so adorable you can't not love him. And if you've got hours to kill, Andy, Bravo's Vice President of Production and Programming, has a great blog with all the thing's you would imagine a TV channel's VP's life would be like. He goes to cast parties, award shows, award show parties, and the Hampton's, and hangs out with all sorts of minor celebrities like Ricki Lake and Amy Sedaris.

But having read all of those, I'm now moving on to some others. The LJ comm, [ profile] projectrunway, is really kind of lame, although there were some great pictures of various people from the three season's casts at all sorts of events.

I was a little overwhelmed with Blogging Project Runway, but if I have the time (and I do), I'll probably be wading through it. Right now on the front page of it there's a picture of the winning dresses on display in the Herald Square Macy's window (you have to scroll down to see it). I walk past this Macy's (the largest single store in the world) every day going from the train to the subway, and I saw the actual window in person the other day. I was really impressed with the dresses, especially Uli's from last week. I didn't love it on tv, but in person it was incredible.

I don't necessarily agree on everything, especially going back to what they said about earlier episodes, but FourFour does an especially hilarious recap of the dog episode.

Then there's Dan's fabulous ode to the designers. And, unlike with FourFour, Dan's humor and charm seems to carry through his other blog entries, although I've only gone as far back as what's still on his front page. Dan also has the special distinction of being his own reality tv star. Because his hair is so omg!bleach blond in the little picture of him on the top left, I didn't realize until I got to an entry where it's blatantly spelled out for you, but this is Dan from MTV's Real World Miami.

I hope you're all having a more busy and productive Wednesday than I am, but if not embrace the PR blog love.

And now I'm off to lunch.



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