[Gerard/Mikey/Alicia/Lyn-Z | R | 1334 words | not true, disclaimed, etc.]

["It would start with Mikey, because he's hapless enough to see Alicia and Lyn-Z sitting on the couch together, leaning in and whispering to one another, and say 'it looks like you two are about to kiss.'"]

[Author's Note: Unbeta'd so if you find any mistakes, let me know. I'd also be thrilled to discuss the characterizations and relationships in this fic with anyone who's interested. This is another thing I hand-wrote on the train. It started with a comment, and me thinking about how pretty much the only fanish thing that still weirds me out is 'cest, except even then there are exceptions. It was going to be a one or two sentence reply and then it totally ran away from me. I still may write more of it.]

They're at the Way Jr.'s apartment for dinner, being family for a change, instead of bandmates. )
I voted. I hope you did too.

Because I accidentally closed the window and then was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to find it again, I'm posting this here: Forever, Now by [ profile] passe_simple. It's kid!fic. You should all go read it. Mikey and Gerard are street kids. Brian takes them in. It is unbelievably wonderful. And it made me cry. It's a wip, just fyi.

Now, a ficlet:

Wacky Hijinks Ensue
[Patrick/Vicky-T | pg | 815 words | college!AU, youtube, fluffy shmoop]
[author's note: The longest stretch of free time I have every day is on the train to and from work. So I got myself a notebook in which to write down vague outlines of fic idea's I'll never actually get around to fleshing out. This is one of them. Unbeta'd so if you catch a mistake, let me know]

One day, Pete, Patrick and assorted Chicago bandom boys are hanging out. And Pete says, 'You know what gets the most hits on youtube?' )



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