There is (un)surprisingly nothing on TV. Last night when I had the same problem, I typed up some ideas for fic that should exist but doesn't because I'm past the point of even pretending I'm going to finish something of substantial length and quality.

(These are not true, disclaimer, etc.)

Nick/Tyson, established relationship, having sex in the locker room/showers of a gym a la QAF, 140 words )

Trish (girl!Patrick) and Bob Bryar live together while they're both in LA recording, ~720 words )
[Gerard/Mikey/Alicia/Lyn-Z | R | 1334 words | not true, disclaimed, etc.]

["It would start with Mikey, because he's hapless enough to see Alicia and Lyn-Z sitting on the couch together, leaning in and whispering to one another, and say 'it looks like you two are about to kiss.'"]

[Author's Note: Unbeta'd so if you find any mistakes, let me know. I'd also be thrilled to discuss the characterizations and relationships in this fic with anyone who's interested. This is another thing I hand-wrote on the train. It started with a comment, and me thinking about how pretty much the only fanish thing that still weirds me out is 'cest, except even then there are exceptions. It was going to be a one or two sentence reply and then it totally ran away from me. I still may write more of it.]

They're at the Way Jr.'s apartment for dinner, being family for a change, instead of bandmates. )
I voted. I hope you did too.

Because I accidentally closed the window and then was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to find it again, I'm posting this here: Forever, Now by [ profile] passe_simple. It's kid!fic. You should all go read it. Mikey and Gerard are street kids. Brian takes them in. It is unbelievably wonderful. And it made me cry. It's a wip, just fyi.

Now, a ficlet:

Wacky Hijinks Ensue
[Patrick/Vicky-T | pg | 815 words | college!AU, youtube, fluffy shmoop]
[author's note: The longest stretch of free time I have every day is on the train to and from work. So I got myself a notebook in which to write down vague outlines of fic idea's I'll never actually get around to fleshing out. This is one of them. Unbeta'd so if you catch a mistake, let me know]

One day, Pete, Patrick and assorted Chicago bandom boys are hanging out. And Pete says, 'You know what gets the most hits on youtube?' )
Title: Where I Lay My Head
Author: [ profile] frogy
Rating: R
Pairing: Patrick/Vicky T
Word Count: ~1150
Summary: Patrick has a real bed on tour. Vicky T hangs out there.
Disclaimer: Very much not real. Also, all the characters are of age.
Notes: Thanks [ profile] clippedwings for the beta!

I see, you're only with me for my bed. )
If I know you in real life, there's nothing to see here. Just move along.


Take Two Years and Call Me
[disclaimer, fake, don't own them, etc]
[thanks [ profile] xcarex for beta-ing, thanks [ profile] beingothrwrldly for convincing me this is the otp]

it makes it impossible for me to resist doing this )



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