Acoustic Performance and Signing, Looney Tunes, 12/07/07 )
The rest of the pictures and videos from last night.

Tyga, Gym Class Heroes, and Patrick Mother Fuckin' Stump )
Papyrus sells a birthday card with the following text-

Front- On your birthday: Remember, Sex is Nobody's Business

Inside- Except for the three people involved. Cheers!


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ETA: I forgot other, so if you think I missed the ot3 to end all ot3s, post about it in the comments.
To Frank Iero: Happy Birthday.

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Truefact: I failed spelling in elementary school. The only way I remember whether 'Halloween' has one or two 'L's is by picturing it on Frank's knuckles.
You know those pictures of Ryan and Hobo that seemed to appear out of nowhere yesterday?

They actually come from Hobo's Myspace!
It's called I have a million things I should be doing, and really don't want to do any of them.

This next part is where you come in. Give me a prompt. Let's just say a (bandslash) pairing, a weather condition, and a color to make it easy. I will then procrastinate by writing you a drabble (or more).

Easy! Fun! Everyone's a winner!
For anyone who cares, they'll be performing on MTV tonight at midnight.
(1) Someone wants to beta my fic. No really. You do. I'd love you forever. Plus it's Pete/Ryan. You don't want to be the reason the world is deprived of Pete/Ryan fic (even if I have no confidence that my writing is even vaguely good, but that's where you would come in).

(2) I finally got to hear Infinity on High. OMG. I need the lyrics for Hum Hallelujah and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. Seriously, omg. He tastes like you only sweeter

(3) Pete may have had hot steamy afairs with Mikey Way and Ryan Ross but there's only one guy who's never going to leave him. Therefore, picspam. )
There are multiple dates on the Honda Civic Tour I could go to. This is such a weird feeling. I go to school in the middle of nowhere. I can never go to anything.

(Although all the greek organizations on Ridgewood Road are having a charity block party, and Dave last night was asking me whether I'd rather see Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors, Less Than Jake, or Ace of Base in concert. Ace of Base)

But, I could potentially see the Honda Civic tour on:
5/31 in Boston
6/1 in Philly
6/5 on LI

Is anyone going to any of those shows? Do you know someone planning to go to one of those shows? Please let me know!
OMG, I love these guys. The more I see of them (P!atD), the more I realize that they are a bunch of kids who haven't the slightest clue how to deal with their fame and it's absolutely precious. Seriously. Read this interview.

The other day I finally deposited by holiday money in the bank and celebrated by buying Gym Class Heroes' "As Cruel as School Children." I have a huge crush on Travis. He's adorable and I want to play with his hair and I love their songs. It's not the type of music that's obscure and difficult to understand, and it's probably never going to change anyone's life. But it reads like a story. When I look at the lyrics, they work just as well without the music. It's real, and it' being young and drinking and flirting and having fun.

Seriously. Sloppy Love Jingle, Pt. 1 )
Sloppy Love Jingle, Pt. 2 )
Sloppy Love Jingle, Pt. 3 )
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Beckett in Red

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Beckett in Blue

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Bendy Nick Wheeler of AAR

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Adorable JWalk

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Really, really hot JWalk

Up for grabs, just comment and credit.
Hey! Does anyone know what's the story with Ryan's mom. For some reason I thought she was out of the picture, but now that I'm looking, I can't find anything about her.
And to celebrate, I made icons.

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Lots of boy hips and playing with my favorite font. )

And, that Christmas stocking thing. Give me imaginary presents! )
seriously, like without taking 2.5 hours of break )

Also, everyone should go listen to The Hush Sounds because they're brilliant.



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