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Hello Yuletide Author!

Thank you for writing for me. Since we were paired on an awesome, tiny fandom no one else is in, you clearly have great taste and I will love whatever you write. But if you want some guidance, here's some more about what I love:

Happy endings. There can be angst before it gets there, but the end has to be happy. Also, if there's a situation where a character needs to forgive another character, that forgiveness needs to be earned. It's a total pet peeve of mine when one character forgives another just because they need to get together by the end of the story, and not because the character actually should.

I love established relationship fic (but it still needs plot, it shouldn't be plot-less curtain fic). Seeing as most of my asks are for canon established relationships, no surprise here.

Another non-surprise, based on all my YA asks: I love coming of age stories. I love when a main character learns something about themselves. The relationships can be almost secondary to the main character's growth and development as a person.

In general, I love AUs, but since these are such small/non-existent fandoms I'd prefer something that's canon compliant and in the general tone of the canons. I consider far-future (for example- 20 years after the source material) as canon compliant, and tend to love it.

I hate saying "no" to things, because for each one of these, I can think of a fic exception, but please no death or non-con or dub-con. Also, no mpreg or babies no matter where they come from.

Fandom specific asks/comments/loves are...


Cath reads more of her Baz/Simon fic out loud to Levi. This is literally my whole Fangirl ask.


I love pretty much everything Jules/Robin. A story about them having sex in limos? Yes. A story about Jules being possessive and Robin finding it super hot? Yes. A story about Robin bringing work home with him and Jules getting sex advice from Sam, a la All Through the Night? Yes. Something Robin does or says becoming tabloid fodder and they have to deal with another news cycle of being TMZ worthy? Yes. As long as they are together in whatever it is, I'm on board.

Twinkie Squad

I request this every year. Here's what I've said in the past:

I first got to know these characters through rageprufrock's On the Road. I only read the book later. I never find canon as slash-y as fanfic makes it out to be. This canon is exactly as slashy as fandom makes it out to be. Doug is going to come out in loud and obvious ways. I would love to see it become a talking point/issue in his father's political career.

I love all the shenanigans of this book, but even more than that, I love the potential for real depth in a story about them when they're older. I've written one of the three (last time I checked) fics in this fandom on AO3, so that's an easy place to start with what I like.

I love, love, love political AUs, and in this case, it doesn't even need to be an AU. Rageprufrock's "On The Road" is the Twinkie Squad story of my heart (while actually being a Macdonald Hall fic).

Also, I'd love some exploration of how different their backgrounds are. Doug has two parents and comes from what seems to be a wealthy background while Commando has a single father who's in school and how does that shape their world views and what happens as they grow up.

Also looking specifically at Doug, it's amazing how he is both willfully bad at friendships and getting along with people in the book while simultaneously being a better therapist for the other Twinkie Squad kids than the adults.

So really, anything about them being high school age, coming out, falling in love, etc. (And shenanigans!)

This is one of the few fandoms where I hands down believe the future-slash is written into the canon. As middle schoolers, Doug and Armando are just a few years too soon to get there. You can pretty much explore any aspect of what's to come for them. It can be something where best friends fall in love in high school. Or now that Armando's father has his accounting degree, maybe they move away for a job and Doug and Armando don't meet again until college. It can take place in the past based on publishing date (they're in middle school when it was published in 1992, so they're in college around 2000), or you can update it and they can be facebooking one another now. It can be just Doug and Armando, or you can have the full cast of characters with canon-typical shenanigans. You can write about how Doug's sexuality is (or is not) an issue with his dad's career. Or maybe it's so far in the future, that Doug is (or is not) an issue with Armando's political career. I really do love everything about what can be done with these characters.

Captive Prince

I don't want anything for this that speculates on what will happen in book 3. I can't even begin to imagine, and I want to enjoy it completely unspoiled by speculation. So if you're writing this, I want something that takes place nebulously in known canon. Like another rooftop chase scene, or some other mad-cap evening adventure. Or sitting by a campfire or in a tent and beginning to open up to one another. Or, I'd love something super-future where presumably they are neighboring kings in love and they spend their days being kingly and their nights being in love.

Raven Cycle

The one fandom where there's no requested pairing! The story I'm looking for here is something about Ronan coming to terms with being gay. Or maybe coming out to Gansey (Gansey already knows, but there's still something about acknowledging it out loud). Or some sort of future character piece about Ronan being okay with himself. (Let's assume everyone survives the series.) If you wanted to write a romance, I'm not against Ronan having a love interest. I just don't want it to be Gansey or Adam or Noah (or anyone else we know in the series). It would have to be an OC.

The Outs

Jack and Scruffy being adorable. That's the ask. Maybe something about them staying together when Scruffy goes to grad school. (How? Long distance kind of sucks and I was under the impression Scruffy was going for a pHD, which is a nebulous 4/5/idk year thing and then you are in academia for life. Maybe Jack follows him? Where? For how long? What does Jack do there?) Or something else. As long as they are adorable.



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