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Hi Yuletide Author!

Thank you for writing for me. The number one thing I love in fic is it being well written. A well written fic an sell me on any pairing, AU, scenario, etc. So if you aren't inspired by any of my other requested details, don't worry.

I love, love, love stories with happy endings. I love established relationship fic. I love future fic. I like when the endings are earned. If there's angst or h, I like the c to be earned. I don't particularly like non-con/dub-con, mpreg, or babies in general.

Now, for the fandoms:

Twinkie Squad
This is the fandom I request every year (so you can see old Yuletide letters). It's one of the few fandoms where I hands down believe the future-slash is written into the canon. As middle schoolers, Doug and Armando are just a few years too soon to get there. You can pretty much explore any aspect of what's to come for them. It can be something where best friends fall in love in high school. Or now that Armando's father has his accounting degree, maybe they move away for a job and Doug and Armando don't meet again until college. It can take place in the past based on publishing date (they're in middle school when it was published in 1992, so they're in college around 2000), or you can update it and they can be facebooking one another now. It can be just Doug and Armando, or you can have the full cast of characters with canon-typical shenanigans. You can write about how Doug's sexuality is (or is not) an issue with his dad's career. Or maybe it's so far in the future, that Doug is (or is not) an issue with Armando's political career. I really do love everything about what can be done with these characters.

Struck by Lightning
So, I typically am the person who thinks it's totally unrealistic for high school relationships to make it past high school. And we really only see Scott and Nicholas's relationship as a thing that's used to blackmail them in the movie. But there's that moment at the end where they're sitting together writing their literary magazine entries, there's something about them that's quiet and comfortable in a real way. Also, I feel like there's something about being blackmailed and then having your blackmailer die via lightning that might bring them together because there's a very, very, very small number of people who can understand that experience. So, I'd love to see something where they make their relationship work after the movie, once they go away to college.

Pitch Perfect
When I saw the movie, in that scene after initiation when they're all drinking, and Fat Amy talks about how statistically speaking one of them needs to be a lesbian, I totally thought it would be Chloe. Chloe had already confronted Beca while in the shower, and then in that scene Chloe is all up in Beca's junk. And then the movie dropped it entirely. Which means that fanfic needs to pick up where the movie left off, and write me something where Chloe's totally crushing on Beca. Beca doesn't need to reciprocate. In fact, she probably shouldn't because I like her with Jesse. And even though it's unrequited, it definitely shouldn't be angst-y. It should be more awesome, lady shenanigans.

The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton - The Mountain Goats (song)
And now for something completely different... I love this song, and I love everything John Darnielle has to say about this song. I think it's the perfect closed canon. I don't care what happens before or after. I just want more of what takes place within the narrative, either Jeff and Cyrus starting the band, or maybe "the letters he writes," or anything that addresses the meta of "when you punish a person for dreaming his dream don't expect him to thank or forgive you."

I hope these details help you write and that you have fun with it (because I always find writing for Yuletide the most fun writing of the year). Thanks again!
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