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Yuletide is the happiest time of the year, and the most important thing I want out of a fic is that it has a happy ending. There can be angst before it gets there, but the end has to be happy. Also, if there's a situation where a character needs to forgive another character, that forgiveness needs to be earned. It's a total pet peeve of mine when one character forgives another just because the author thinks they are MFEO and not because the character actually should.

I hate saying "no" to things, because for each one of these, I can think of a fic exception, but please no death or non-con or dub-con. Also, no mpreg or babies no matter where they come from.

And now for the yeses:

I love established relationship fic (but it still needs plot, it shouldn't be plot-less curtain fic).

In general, I love AUs, but since these are such small/non-existent fandoms I'd prefer something that's canon compliant.

All three of my fandom's have young canon characters, and I love future fic where you can see the people those characters grow up to be. At the center of all my favorite fics is a character who learns something about themselves. I am a sucker for coming of age stories. The relationships can be secondary to the main character's growth and development as a person.

I put a ton of details in the optional details in the sign-up, so I don't have anything new for those. But here are the fandom specific optional details again so that everything's in one place:

Twinkie Squad

I love all the shenanigans of this book, but even more than that, I love the potential for real depth in a story about them when they're older. I've written one of the three (last time I checked) fics in this fandom on AO3, so that's an easy place to start with what I like.

I love, love, love political AUs, and in this case, it doesn't even need to be an AU. Rageprufrock's "On The Road" is the Twinkie Squad story of my heart (while actually being a Macdonald Hall fic).

Also, I'd love some exploration of how different their backgrounds are. Doug has two parents and comes from what seems to be a wealthy background while Commando has a single father who's in school and how does that shape their world views and what happens as they grow up.

Also looking specifically at Doug, it's amazing how he is both willfully bad at friendships and getting along with people in the book while simultaneously being a better therapist for the other Twinkie Squad kids than the adults.

So really, anything about them being high school age, coming out, falling in love, etc. (And shenanigans!)

Khaos Komix

I love how in love with each other Tom and Alex are and would read basically anything about that.

If you've never heard of this fandom it's a web-graphic novel that would be super-easy for you to read and write about: http://www.khaoskomix.com/archive. It's told in eight parts, each one from the perspective of one of eight different high schoolers, each focusing on their own love story. Neither the art nor writing is earth shattering, but it's a quick read and it does what any good story does: gets you invested in the lives of the characters. As an example, here's Tom meeting Alex for the first time: http://www.khaoskomix.com/komix/toms-story-page-54 and then the same scene from Alex's story: http://www.khaoskomix.com/komix/alexs-story-page-20. See. So in love.

You can read the rest, but you really only need to read Tom and Alex's to write this fandom for me.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

In the most specific optional details ever, the scene where Dev and Nick talk about The Beatles and "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" Nick says that Dev has the "mischievous, smitten gleam in his eye." Does Dev have an epic love story of the night? You kind of get the sense that Dev hooks up with someone after every show, but does this one have the potential to be love? Is it the start of a relationship for him?

Since this is where I can put whatever crazy wish I can come up with, I'd love an alternating first-person love-story for Dev and Ted that mirrors Nick and Norah's (heck, it can even have that same Beatles conversation scene in it). Or if that's asking way too much of you a regular third-person fic works too.

I love all the real and fake music in the book and would love that type of pop-culture wit to carry over in the fic. And if you're doing this, you have to get New York right. (Also, probably Jersey and the whole bridge and tunnel thing.)

Or, you can ignore my crazy, super-specific requests and write anything. By virtue of being in these fandoms, I'm guaranteed to love it. Thanks again!



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