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Dear Yuletide Author!

First off, I already love you for writing in one of my requested fandoms. Every time I go to a book signing or author reading I quietly lament being in a fandom of one, because it is way more fun to have people to squee about your fanish loves with. So, thank you for making my fandom(s) of one a fandom of at least two.

The number one thing I like in fanfic is good writing. The right person could sell me the Brooklyn Bridge, and the same goes for fandom. With well written and compelling writing, you can get me to buy into pretty much any interpretation of a character.

That being said, since these are fandoms that are so small they barely exist, I'd prefer something canon-compliant, and not an AU. I'd be happy with fic where the characters are aged up to high schooll/college/young professional/etc., but I don't want any crazy, magical, fantasy stories. I requested fandoms in which I love the canon, so I'd love if you matched them in tone and message and style. I love established relationship fic, but not curtain fic where the whole point is OMG, aren't we adorably in love. There should still be conflict/plot. I don't like most kid-fic (because I don't like most kids).

At the center of all my favorite fics is a character who learns something about themselves. There's a reason I love YA, I am a sucker for coming of age stories. The relationships are almost secondary to the main character's growth and development as a person.

And, I want happy endings.

Now for fandom specific comments:

Twinkie Squad
I first got to know these characters through [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock's On the Road. I only read the book later. I never find canon as slash-y as fanfic makes it out to be. This canon is exactly as slashy as fandom makes it out to be. Doug is going to come out in loud and obvious ways. I would love to see it become a talking point/issue in his father's political career.

Boy Meets Boy
This book restores my faith in humanity. I cry every time I get to the end of it. I love it so much I can't even put it into words. I am looking for anything that continues the book in a way that is exactly as whimsical and heartwarming and real as the original.

Realm of Possibility
If you can mimic the Seuss-esque writing of Lily's chapter you will be my new hero. I don't know what I'm looking for when it comes to Clara. I guess I want her sacrifices to be worth it. Jed and Daniel are the epic romance of the book, and there is never enough epic romance in the world.

The Soup
This is completely the opposite of the other three. I saw it in the list and picked it on a whim. I laugh from beginning to end when I watch The Soup, and if you're writing this it better be funny from beginning to end. Be snarky and mean and pick on the Kardashians; they deserve it. I'd actually prefer something in-world for this. What I mean by that is that I'm not interested in the dude that plays Mankini or the dude that plays Matt the Intern, I want to read about Mankini and Matt the Intern.

I hope my babbling helped. Thanks again for being totally awesome!



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